Ten Methods Dating a Black will be opened by a White Girl Man’s Eyes to Racism

Brothers, be cautious. That white woman is poison!

*This can be an editorial for black guys.

Hey fellas, if you’re contemplating dating a white girl — which can be a learning experience that all black colored males should go through sooner or later within their everyday lives — it’ll expose you to racism in many ways that just a tuned attention can recognize. To help expand this premise, I’ve show up with 10 examples centered on several of my intimate encounters with white ladies, the very first of including one of these seeking to her left and to her right before kissing me in public areas.

It absolutely was 2013 during the time, numerous moons ahead the Jim Crow age, whilst still being, as a woman that is white she instinctively made certain that no body else could see us sharing a kiss.

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