Woman confesses to decade-long ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with guy she ‘likes adequate to rest with yet not up to now seriously’

Many no-strings hook-ups have a tendency to fizzle out or end awkwardly, but also for author Thea de Gallier, 28, hers continues to be going strong ten years after it began

Sitting when you look at the part regarding the restaurant, our eyes locked for each other even as we chat, Andy* and I also seem like a few quite definitely in love.

In reality, into the years we’ve understood each other, we’ve gone on numerous supper times and day trips, and invested whole nights entwined in sleep together.

But Andy is not my boyfriend, nor do i’d like him become. He’s just exactly just what you might phone my ‘friend with benefits’ – I like him adequate to rest with, yet not sufficient to actually date really.

I was just 18 and hadn’t even come across the term when we first hooked up. But having viewed re-runs of Intercourse and also the City, I’ve realised the show ended up being a pioneer in switching the trend as a point that is talking in 1999, whenever Carrie nicknamed certainly one of her suitors F**k Buddy. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …