Get Ask Alice. Alice comes back home and it is excited to restore her life along with her family members.

Plot Overview

An unnamed diarist that is fifteen-year-old who the novel’s name identifies as Alice, begins a journal. Having a delicate, observant design, she records her adolescent woes: she worries by what her crush Roger thinks of her; she loathes her weight gain; she fears her budding sexuality; she actually is uncomfortable in school; she’s got trouble associated with her moms and dads. Alice’s dad, an university teacher, takes a training place at a college that is different the household will go in the very beginning of the brand brand brand new 12 months, which cheers Alice up.

The move is hard. As the remainder of her household adjusts to your brand new city, Alice is like an outcast in school. Quickly she fulfills Beth, a neighbor that is jewish and also the two become quick friends. Beth will leave for summer time camp and Alice would go to live along with her grand-parents. She actually is annoyed, but reunites with an old friend, Jill, who invites Alice to a celebration. During the celebration, Alice unwittingly falls LSD and experiences a drug trip that is fantastic. Though interested, she vows never to do medications once more.

Alice cheerfully experiments with additional medications and loses her virginity while on acid. Roger and their moms and dads arrive unexpectedly to see her grandfather, that has had a heart attack that is small. Alice is enthralled with Roger but seems bad about her medication use and loss of virginity. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …