We rely on function over kind, and often you’ll need a big parka

6. Avoid cumbersome outerwear

To help keep you hot and safe during incredibly cool winter season.

But also for the majority of us as well as for all of the 12 months, we don’t need certainly to get George that is full Costanza remain warm.

Bulky, puffy, oversized outerwear has a tendency to dwarf a smaller guy, making him look smaller and stockier than he in fact is.

Why wear all of that bulk when a few insulated levels can do?

Spot the distinction between a standard “puffer” coat and our Lightweight Down Jacket?

We advice using a slimmer lightweight down coat or perhaps a wool topcoat, and layering up with sweaters or vests for additional heat.

Generally in most climates, these kinds of layered clothes could keep you warm sufficient throughout wintertime, particularly if you keep in mind your gloves, scarf and cap.

7. Wear height shoes that are boosting

Once again, simply just take this tip with a grain of salt. Shorter men can wear whatever footwear they like, therefore we do not suggest elevator footwear or lifts because, honestly, they truly are not to comfortable.

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