Middle aged wife. Having just talked for a whim, she failed to certainly go on it to heart.

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That woman and her mother are truly good at sucking up to our young master’s family“By the way. Evidently, she found myself in a vehicle accident that point whenever young master was kidnapped…” abruptly said Sister Yun away from nowhere.

Having just talked on a whim, she failed to really go on it to heart.

She just thought that the Pei household had been looking for a ground that is common the Ji family members by mentioning that.

Nevertheless, one thing she stated in spite and on a whim had been really taken up to heart by Qiao Jingyun.

“What?! Pei Ge found myself in an auto accident in past times? It’s even that point when Ziming ended up being kidnapped? ”

Her words switched from relax to hurried right away.

“Er… yes. Apparently, she had amnesia as a result of it. I am talking about, life is not a drama. Just exactly What amnesia? It’s amnesia that is even selective. Exactly exactly What a tale. ”

This woman that is middle-aged in disdain.

Exactly just exactly What she would not understand had been that her words that are irresponsible Qiao Jingyun’s mind to spin.

“Car accident… amnesia…” More importantly, it is even close to when Ziming got kidnapped…

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