Quicken Loans Reviews. Spend of the time, they dont usage RSU

Company got me through every thing after which said RSU can not be utilized as commission? Funny since all FANG companies use RSU and Amazon also states RSU are included in the comission procedure and are also to be addressed as payment. Dont waste your own time with Quicken Loans if you should be in tech or FANG.

I need to concur with the other bad…

I need to concur while using the other bad reviews about Quicken Loans, We called them and was in advance that i had a bankruptcy on my record within the last year and that I did not want them to check my credit and put a ding on because I was trying to rebuild it with them and told them. Then they proceeded to get it done anyways also in on it and go through all that when they knew I was not going to be approved anyways though they know the process and they know that I cannot get help with various programs for loan assistance for down payment having a bankruptcy within the last year so why would they even check my credit and put it. Try not to submit any information to the business, they are going to ding your credit simply simply because they want the income

Bad knowledge about Ben Grover

Bad knowledge about Ben Grover. Seems like there are lots of fake reviews

I’m Sharita Ward and we represent the Client Relations group at Quicken Loans whom reviews the feedback we get online. Many thanks for the review on our Senior Mortgage Banker, Ben. We just just take pride into the service we offer our clients and I’m sorry to observe that you’d a poor experience.

We see with us to your email and phone number we have on file, so i was unable to contact you that you opted out of further communication. But, If you’d love to talk about the experience you’d with Ben, please go ahead and email at [email protected] or by phone during the contact information below. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …