Lesbian Information: Should Lesbians Date Bisexual Females

First error.

The mistake that is first make whenever dating bisexual females is attempting to “convert” a bisexual crush whom never ever falls deeply in love with females.

A customer stumbled on me personally recently with this specific precise issue. (For privacy i am going to call her Leslie right right here, and even though that isn’t her name that is real.

“Leslie” met “Rachel” at a club several weeks hence, once they had been both down with mutual buddies. Leslie is really a lesbian who prefers really feminine ladies. Rachel considers herself “bi” because she really really loves resting with ladies (but just for enjoyable, never ever for severe relationship). Rachel went house with Leslie the evening they came across, and additionally they invested the remainder week-end chilling out. They decided to go to brunch, they went shopping, plus they binge-watched a series that is entire on Netflix… it absolutely was awesome.

Whenever week-end had been over Leslie proceeded to take into account Rachel all day long, every single day. The two of them had amazing sex and amazing chemistry and so much in common and a great basis for true friendship from Leslie’s perspective. Rachel has most of the characteristics Leslie wishes in a female.

The greater Leslie seriously considered Rachel, the much much deeper her emotions expanded.

The actual only real issue is that Rachel is certainly not in the page that is same.

Rachel’s dream that is true to get a huge, strong guy to marry and have now a family members with. She fantasizes about a tall, handsome, rich man that will give her living she’s desired since she ended up being just a little girl watching princess fairy tales.

Rachel had a great time with Leslie, and she’d be psyched to hold down once more another time. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …