“He had their on the job your ASS, ” he bellowed away while he began

“He had their on the job your ASS, ” he bellowed down while he began storming towards me personally. We backed up to I felt my back press from the home, not able to go any more. He hovered with his arms as his face was dark and dangerously close over me, trapping me. We shivered as their breath danced across my epidermis.

“This ass, ” he talked in a chillingly low sound through grit teeth, violently getting my butt and clenching it together with his hand, “is mine. ” we shriveled under his glare, too afraid to speak. “Got it? ” He raised their eyebrows at me personally, gritting their teeth more as their grip tightened around my ass cheek.

We quickly nodded my mind, and I also understood he wasn’t likely to I want to slip without talking. “Y-yes, as I gulped” I quivered, not daring to break his stare. Jungkook’s eyes cut into mine like daggers, seeming to bore into my skull and liquify my mind. خواندن ادامه‌ی این نوشته …